WD SmartWare using high CPU

I am running WD SmartWare Pro on my Windows 10 machine. I am running continuous backup of my Users directory from my C drive, and my entire D drive to an extern WD Elements drive. The backup has been running for about a week, and a complete set of files have been backed up. So why is WD Backup Engine using so much CPU - around 25% on my 4-core machine. I did a reboot of my Windows machine, and still see high CPU activity. I see that WD Backup Engine is accessing my C/D drives, but I do not see any activity on my WD Elements external drive.

So why is the engine using so much CPU?

The application is scanning your system and creating an index of files to be added next time the backup proceeds. I’d recommend going to settings and selecting the option to pause the backup process until your computer goes idle. This should lower the application’s priority.

I found that the problem was a debug log, that was open, and was being written to continuously. The Engine just kept trying to copy the file because it kept seeing changes to the file. There should be a better mechanism for handling this kind of situation. I am sure that this is quite a common problem.

When I created a new (continuous) backup for a complete disk, the process was quite quick. It looked like it was able to handle about 4GB/minute. And, interesting, CPU usage was below 10% throughout the process.

Can you tell me how you located the debug log file? I have the same problem.


It was a long time ago, and I don’t really remember. I probably searched for all files in the directory/s sorted by access date.