WD "smartware" -> that's it, no more WD for me

I’ve been buying WD drives all my life (and that’s _a lot_ of drive, since I work in IT).

Then I run into this nightmare that’s “WD Smartware”. Now I have to spend hours to try

and remove it to _just get a hard drive that I can write files to, and read files from_

Doubly frustrating to think that WD spent money and effort to write this crapware, which

in the end the consumer pays for.

This is Game Over for me, no more WD drives.

Once it’s off, I’ll post some instructions, or at pointer to existing ones that work.

Hello, welcome to the community.

The WD Smartware shouldn’t stop you from using the drive a a regular USB unit, what seemed to be the problem that you are experiencing?

Will WD Smartware work with MyPassport?  I ask because WD Backup is not working at all…I don’t even see the drive and it is the software that is suppose to be working with it.  WD Smartware looks to be a bit better than WD Backup which is very limited function piece of software.