WD Smartware takes 90 to 100% CPU when computer starts

Each time I start my laptop (W7 64 bits, 4 GB of RAM), during half an hour WD Smartware is taking 90 to 100% of CPU, which dramatically slows down all other applications to run. Any experience from WD community on that, any remedy available for overcoming this problem? After this peak, my laptop is running fine the whole day, unless I shut it down and restart.

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I am running an AMD 1.6G CPU on a Stand alone PC with Windows 7 along with 3.0 Megs of Ram. I have been using the Windows 7 Resource Manager and found that when Smartware is enabled my CPU is Maxed out at 100% use with WD Smartdrive utilizing about 70% -80% of the resources. Everything becomes overloaded and will not respond to other applications. I now have removed Smartware from my Startup Group and am using the Drive by Backing up files Manually. They need to Find a Fix for the Smartdrive Problem. Even Smartdrive was not operating correctly. It would keep the current Backup Files and the First One but all the other Recent Ones were being deleted. I had the Drive set up for 5 copies.

Somebody at WD Needs to respond. Is there a Flash Up-Grade?

I just submitted a related question to WD (22 Apr 2010), and will return here to pass on to you any useful reply.

This was the question: WD Smartware version is always loading and using a lot of my processor time, even though I only connect the drive periodically when I am at home. It is currenlty at the top of my cpu usage, using twice as much as Trend Micro, which already was slowing down my computer. Please tell me how I can prevent WD smartware from running, so I can turn it on only when I want it to run, which will be when I plug the drive into the usb socket..

I am hoping the software can scan for new or changed files since last backup, and does not have to keep track of every file-save action in real time. Otherwise, I will not use the software!

WDSmartWare.exe constantly hogs my CPU.

Typical usage is around 80% (varying between 55% & 85%).

Does anyone know how this can be fixed?

This is having a MAJOR impact on all other applications. How can I prevent this?

Come on WD, fix this problem before you lose too many customers!

My Passport also takes up 85-98% of my  CPU on start-up.  It settles down to ~1% after about 20 min.  I bought the Passport in January and this problem started in late April and its now May 8 and gets increasingly worse.  I sent an email to WD support and now waiting for an answer.  Has anyone contacted WD about this problem and what did they say?  When I get answer I will post it here