WD Smartware stuck in Disk Discovering

I just updated the firmware via the WD Firmware Updater and have also updated the Smartware.My drive was working normal for about 2 hours when in the middle of WoW the disk stopped working and went to Disk Discovering… When I open Smartware it shows that there is no partition on the drive. Also, in Windows Explorer, the drive is shown as a local drive CD Drive E:. I desperately need the other files on my drive as they are very important to my schooling. I have a My Book Essential USB 2.0 1 TB. Please help me figure this out as I am very upset that this happened after I updated to apparently a “better” version.

**My drive was working properly before I updated anything**

Ok so I went through the Firmware Updater again and it said it was successful and upon restart, I can view the drive and all of it’s contents via windows explorer. However, I still get an error message saying that WD Smartware has stopped working. I am also getting a xmlparser:: parseurl:error processing file: wd smartware…localizable.strings error

program exiting. Again, these errors are occuring, yet I am still able to view files in windows explorer. Should I just completely remove Smartware or would my drive not be able to operate by doing so?

Your drive does not depends of SmartWare to work.  To try to fix the error you may uninstall it, restart your computer, then download and install its latest version,

How do I go about properly uninstalling smartware? Would I be able to just remove the folder WD SmartWare.swstor and be done with it?

Hi, if you just delete the SmartWare.swstor folder but don’t uninstall smartware, another backup folder will be created. Follow the link below for the steps to uninstall smartware and then you can delete the backup folder.