WD Smartware Retrieval

I am hoping this is very simply and i am missing something very easy. I have now installed wd smartware and back up two laptops onto the MBL.

If I can on each computer I can restore files for that laptop. My question is what if one of my computers crashes how do I then retrieve from MBL that information. For example why can II not retrieve folders from laptop 2 onto laptop 1? I would have thought both laptops would appear as icons and then I could pick which one I want to treive files from the MBL and then decide where I would like to locate them.

Any help would really be appreciated.


You can retrieve the backup from any of the computer into any of the other computers. Check the link for the steps to retrieve the files.


Yes I see this but what if the laptop with the files I want to recover from is not shown in the retrieval tab? I thought it would have shown the two laptops I have backed up, when I go onto each laptop and look at the retrieve I can only see the laptop I am using  and my concern is if one laptop dies how do I recover that information.