WD Smartware Problem

I bought a 1TB My Passport external drive for my IMAC, and had to reformat it to use it with my MAC. That all went fine, but when I open the Software, some of the tabs are greyed out… “Backup”, “Retrieve”, and on the Settings tab, under the “Drive Settings”, the “Set Up Drive” is greyed out.  I want to password protect the drive and I’m unable to do that. Could it be because I have it set up for Time Machine as well? I even reinstalled the software, and still have the same problem. Any help or insight would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 

Try uninstalling the software make sure that you download the latest version from the wd site and install that again to see what happens

I got Tech Help on the line and the tech told me that although the hardware is compatible with MAC, the software is not. There was nothing I could do to make it work. I sent it back to Amazon.com and reodered the My Passport for MAC drive. I think it was very misleading for Amazon.com to say it was compatible with MAC, just because it could be reformatted and used with Time Machine.