WD SmartWare - Never Again

Bad move WD. Forcing your lame software on us by putting it into the firmware us backfiring. Just look at all the posts. I just bought your 1Tb My Book for Mac. Worked with it for about 45 minutes, trying to erase the whole drive before I learned where you stored the software. Most people don’t want your software. Just the drive! And you think the solution is supplying a firmware update (that doesn’t work) that is suppose to allow the user to just HIDE your WD SmartWare virtual CD drive.

Good Bye.

Bought today, returned for a cash refund tomorrow.  To many good drive manufacturers out there to put up with this **bleep**.

Thanks for wasting my time. 

  Hey NeverAgain … I’m feeling like you but I’m an OLD GENT and for sure no tech kinda’ guy .  All I want to do is save my iTunes , a few pictures , maybe some recipes in AppleWorks.

 I don’t want to save e-mails or anything that I DON’T to put on the drive. 

 Being a not so much tech guy I was excited about my new 2 TB drive, now I could get my iTunes off my iMac and lots of free space. So went along the instructions … later I realized SmartWare was saving everything without , at me … being able to pick JUST what I wanted to save. So being dim like a flashlight with a low battery I figured out how to uninstall the

SmartWare. After that the drive wouldn’t except anything … I tried to erase the drive and start over.  No luck for me.

 If someone doesn’t chime in hear I’ll trying starting a new thread.

 Peace & sorry things went so wrong,


Hello Dreadie,

Since you are only need to back up your iTunes and a few pictures.

Here is what I found from using the WD SmartWare software that I would like to share with you.

If you have already installed that software, go ahead use it.

When software is running, go to “Backup” tap.

Look below for “Detailed View” and click on the arrow to show more details.

You will see Other, Pictures, Music, Movies, Mail and Documents.

Unchecked Other, Movies, Mail and Documents.

Leave the Pictures and Music checked.

So, the WD SmartWare software will only backup your itunes (music) stuffs and your Pictures from your computer.

No more junks or wasting your external drive space.

I hope this suggestion would help you.

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  Thanks I’ll fool with things as you said.  What if you “Haven’t " installed” SmartWare … I have another drive unused a friend will give me.

 Thanks , Peace , and I hope you got the Kudos I think I gave you,



You would need to install the SmartWare software first, before you can use it.

Then follow the suggestions I gave you from the previous thread.

I am pretty sure you will like it.

Reply to this thread if you still need more help.

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thanarath ,

  Thanks for your kindness here. My dance card is open today so I’m going to try and set things up with the new drive I was given. I figure a clean start is best . What you said seems pretty clear even for an old guy. But I’ll see , eh…

 There are somethings I’m still not clear on and maybe I should better understand them before I start .

 What I’d like to be able to do is put all my iTunes on the WB drive so I can clean up my iMac. I’d like to be able play the iTunes from the playlists I’ve made on my iMac. I’m thinking the only I can “see” my iTunes and what’s going on is from my iMac. Right ?

 On my WB old drive , that I kinda’ jacked up … I saved my iTunes by changing the location of my Library and saving them way. Change location & save. That’s what I read from here and what I got from Apple.

But after I did it that way … and tried to delete tunes from my “main” Library on my iMac those songs were erased from my "playlists " too.

 What am I not getting ??  I’m sure with your help I’ll woop this and this should help other people too.

 Thanks again & Peace,


I’m with the original poster… I just wanted the HD to back up using Time Machine but i"m stuck with this stupid software that I don’t want. The only good thing I got out of it was the VCD that allowed me to password protect my HD from peering eyes.

Well… since updating my OS the VCD will no longer mount. **See my post**

I have partitioned my 1TB drive for Time Machine and for basic storage of pictures and stuff that I want easy access to. Now I can’t get anything…

Where did you find it and how did you get rid of it?


 Which of us are you asking ??  If it’s me and how did I uninstall the SmartWare … in the folder named “Extras” you’ll find the WB SmartWare Uninstaller. 



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