WD smartware installs evertime I open it?

I am new to the WD Smartware, but it seems weird that each day when I start my laptop and click to open the app it wants to install the software. 

1- Is this normal?

2- Once installed and unlocked, it goes and “re-categorizes” the files.  This can take hours it seems.  What am I doing wrong?

3- this thing is slowwwww ! :(   In addition to the USB 2.0, my laptop has an  E-SATA jack and a 1394 (4-pin type) jack.  Is there a way to use on of those and make this thing faster??

Thanks for the help folks.

Using the WD Essentials 2T USB2.0 on a Win 7- 64 bit laptop.

Thanks all.

It sounds like the virtual CD and that you installed the Smartware. Unless you intend to use it for backup or the password protection you don’t need it. If you uninstall it remove password if you used one. Look in the Smartware section Bill put some FAQs there will probably explain better. I think you ae stuck with the USB 2.0.


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Unfortunately my main use for the device is backup and encryption/password protection.

BTW - since I use Win 7 - 64 bit/Ultimate with BitLocker , is it smarter to disable/uninstall the drive’s software and secure it with BitLocker and use Windows’ backup or some other software?

I am open for any suggestions.