WD Smartware how to retrieve latest files only

I’m looking for help with WD Smartware please…laptop hard disk failed. Fortunately, I have My Cloud running Smartware.
I want to retrieve the backup on new hard disk, but when I checked it’s approximately 3x the size of the files that were on the disk before failure. I’m assuming this is because the backup has all the deleted and previous versions?On
How do I just retrieve the files on the drive just before the failure?
I can access the backup from Smartware and using Windows Explorer.
Appreciate your help…this is my first post so hope I’ve got things right!
Thank you

Have you already managed to get this far?

Be sure to leave Show older files unchecked and Show deleted files unchecked. For more help be sure to read all information WDMyCloudInformationIcon and you can go to the Help tab. You will have to check the items you want to retreive.

SmartWare User Manual, http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705057.pdf

Hello cat0w.

Yes I have and I was struggling because the Start Retrieval button was greyed out…which I noticed was the same in your screen shot. So, I looked closer - I’d missed the checkbox next to each folder on the retrieval screen. I checked the box, the Start retrieval button went black and I’m downloading files as we speak.

Thank you so much for your help; it’s saved me hours of work.

Best regards