WD Smartware [Essential]

i would like to uninstall the Smartware from my Mac and use the external 500GB hard drive for sound file storage. Is this possible? Would uninstalling the Smartware delete everything on the hard drive?

Yes, you can uninstall the WD Smartware.

It only uninstall its software from the internal computer hard drive.

It will not delete any files from the WD external drive.

You just use it as an external drive.

If you are more familiar with Time Machine you can use that too.

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I have a 1TB MyBook Essentials w/Smartware

I do not want the Smartware so I uninstalled it from control panel

I also do not want the WD Smartware 668mb partition but I cannot figure out how to get rid of it

Went into Computer Management & tried to format it, delete it but you just can’t

All I want is a storage drive not all this Smartware stuff

I use Ghost to back up. I have no need for 668mb of space to just sit there

How the heck do you get rid of it:manmad: