WD SmartWare - Duplicate Bkp Folders and Files

I have a big problem with my WD SmartWare.
Quite often it starts creating new Volume.123xxx… folders with duplicate backups instead of updating the old Volume.123xxx… folder. In other words, it always keep my hdd running and it fill up the empty space every day it gets this crazy bug.

I’ve tried to End-Task the “WD Backup Engine (32 bit)” from Task Manger but few seconds after it starts again with Very High power usage.

Please help! This makse me so insecure as is putting extra ware on my drivers as well as some files never end up backed up - because “No Space”.

Why is so difficult to allow me select the folder on ANY drive where the backup should be saved and keep everything in there with NO duplicates??

I’m using Version 2.4.1. which doesn’t get updated because “The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden” - Amazing!!!


Hey, do you still have this problem ? or have you solved it?

TweakBox Tutuapp

Yes, the problem persisted and I ended up dropping the software. Quite disappointing to see large hardware companies being so bad at putting a software together.

I’ve switched to Bvckup2 a backup service made in Switzerland. They have a free version as well but I’ve got the Pro for Workstation version for $50.

See #wd-software-mobile-apps WD, you could get that money from me if you could offer a good software to support your drivers rather than offering me a FREE TRASH!!!

Lesson learned, moving forward!

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