WD Smartware BSOD with Logitech Pro 9000 Webcam Connected

Got the BSOD when I tried to uninstall the Logitech Webcam Software.  I’m going to uninstall Smartware instead (version and then do a little more reading on this forum and the Logitech forums to see whether I can figure how to get these 2 devices and their software to behave.

I think the Logitech you are using is buggy and known for conflicts in other software.


The new version of Smartware should be posted this week, if all is well.

The webcam works fine after I uninstalled SmartWare, as does the external HD, which I really only use to store a fairly large music collection.  But I’ll stay tuned for the SmartWare update, because it would be nice to have all my peripherals working, with all their software (except for whatever silly video chat software Logitech packages with their camera, which seems completely unnecessary).

I have to say, that I have  WD Smartware installed and running on my PC, and I still use my camera without BSOD. But I reached this only by using the camera in UVC mode. You can read more about it on Logitech community site. So if Smartware is way more important than Logitech software, you can use this option.

We released the 1.5.0 version this week which would resolve this issue.

The blamming updater for your [deleted] software will not update… I’ve tried it 3 flipping times. Followed these instructions exactly:  http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/wdsmartwareupdate/wdsmartware.asp?pid=0730&os=WIN and all three tries it says to recycle the external drive and restart the computer once finished… Restart, relaunch WD Smartware and it’s still at version

I highly doubt it would have fixed the conflicting error with the Logitech webcam anyways. BLAM!

Taking this [deleted] back to the store and getting a seagate… much less hassle than waiting on some customer support.