WD Smartware 2.3

How long is it going to take until our code for activating pro in SmartWare update 2.3 can be recognized and verified?

Below is a image of what I get every time I try to activate the new version to pro.


I hope this doesn’t mean we are going to have to make a purchase of the pro version every time there is an update.

Thank you WD, both my computers are now showing the pro version of 2.3.0.


When I opened SmartWare on my desktop a few minutes back a box came up asking for my information and when I inserted that and clicked activate, it did. I then started up and opened SmartWare on my laptop and it had already changed to show pro.

Sorry.  It takes a bit once the software becomes active for it to really roll live.  It takes extra testing on the production side to make sure that the downloads are working correctly.