WD Smart Ware will not install on my Windows 10 Pro

The installation just seems to hang with the [WD] blue logo remaining forever in the middle of the screen. I am attempting to install ver: on a Windows 10 Pro latest updates installed.

Any one else had a problem installing this product?


Hi there,

Try to install it as administrator, by right clicking on the setup file and choosing run as administrator.

Hope this helps.

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Well I managed to get WD SmartWare installed on my Windows 10 Pro system, but I had to stop (reset) my O&O ShutUp software first (locks up a Windows 10 system against all those outbound links built in by Microsoft).

However, it took almost 30 minutes before it would respond after the install and now I’ve been waiting for another 30 minutes for it to reply to a backup request! Odd.?!

More later.