WD shipments: Thunderbolt Duos, no cable!

WARNING>>>>>>>>> As of 4/12/15 WD is no longer including Thunderbolt cables with your My Book Thunderbolt Duo (4TB, 6TB, 8TB), even though they still advertise the cable coming in the package on the website… They are also very unhelpful in getting a cable to you after the fact… ASK WHEN ORDERING IF CABLE IS INCLUDED, and demand one if not, as it is still advertised as part of the package.

Hello Suede3, welcome to the WD Community, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I was checking on the WD Online Store and it states that this model does not come with a cable. http://store.westerndigital.com/store/wdus/en_US/pd/ThemeID.21986300/productID.247522400/parid.13092300/catid.55286600/categoryID.58727300/WDBUPB0040JSL-NESN/My_Book_Thunderbolt_Duo/External_Storage

Can you share the name of the store where you purchased your thunderbolt drive?

I am very pleased to see that they have revised the website to state that the cable is sold seperately… When i bought the Duo last week, and when I recieved it last Friday they had not yet made the change, so the web said the Thunderbolt cable came in the package, and the shipped package said it was a seperate, not included item… I have a screen capture of the old web page. I gave them until this Friday to fix it before i reported them to the BBB, and I guess/hope I am the last to have to go thru this hassle.

Thanks for letting me know that this is no longer an issue!

PS… I bought it directly from Western Digital…

Hello, We have passed your case to support, please check toy private messages.

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Well, once again Western Digital has failed to really indicate they much care about their customers… The promised overnight delivery package of the cable did not get delivered today, IT DIDN"T EVEN LEAVE THE FACILITY… So, here I am in day 7, still with no way of using the equipment, but also unsure WD has the capability of knowing what their “left hand” is doing… when I will be able to use the Duo, and wishing to heaven I had ordered from someone else.