WD Sharespace with WD TV Live compatiblity?

Hello WD community members,

At present i have wd live tv hooked up with 2tb external hdd

i am planning to get wd sharespace with 4 hdd of 1tb each.

1st question : is it compatible to wd tv live?

2nd question : there will be 4 hdd present in the wd sharespace in each hdd there will be different  media content so in the media player the content displayed will be clubbed together or will it be displayed disk wise…

3rd question : Does the torrent feature really works?

4th question : my wd nas will be switched on forever will it cause any effect on its performance and will it be durable??

would really appreciate if anyone would give feedback at the earliest…

Hi macisback,

To answer your questions:

1.  The WDTV Live and the WD ShareSpace should be fully compatible with each other and actually, the ShareSpace is listed on the compatibility list for this product.

2.  This would depend upon how you have your SS configured.  By default, it comes as a RAID 5.  Even if you configured it, you can create different folders, but you will not see individual drives within the unit. 

3.  The Torrent feature does work

4.  The unit is designed to be on all the time, and by default if the power is cut, the unit should restart when power is restored.  You should however have this unit connected to a UPS in the event of a power failure though as RAID does not like hard shutdowns.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Is the Bittorrent / CTorrent client part of Sharespace 2.1.96 firmware? I can’t see a CTorrent tab in my Downloader manager:cry:

No it is not.  It was part of the 2.2.8 Firmware update that was pulled because of some compatibility issues with XP system.  It will be available as soon as the next FW is available. 

Sorry, I forgot that it was pulled.

really appreciate for your replies

i use utorrent to download the media content…will it work on wd sharespace…

can we create user on wd sharespace so that i can assign particular folder to particular user…is it possible…

i will be playing heavy files such as mkv of 2gb+ will there be video lagging…

and how much time will it take to discover the device as i bootup the wd live tv??

Your Welcome

  1. ShareSpace doesn’t currently have uTorrent capabilities (It was on fw2.2.8 but that was pulled and not released yet)

2. Yes, you can setup a private share so that only the folder that the user is assigned to will get access to that folder


3. That depends on the throughput of the file. It should allow streaming but large files or HD/Blue Ray content may have to large of a bit rate for any network based device

4. This can vary. It should pick it up pretty quickly but each network is different

Hope this helped. Let me know if you have additional questions.