WD Sharespace, upgrade path and current functionality with Mac OS Catalina

Hi all,

I’ve used a WD Sharespace for almost 10 years now, almost without major problems, only ever needing to replace one drive (WD’s exceptional support also helped me recover a broken raid, caused by a power spike). It’s been a super reliable unit otherwise

I will be looking to upgrade later on this year, but I’m looking for some advice on the following in the meantime.

In the short term, is there any way to get MacOS Catalina to allow me to log into my drive and access my files? I’ve been locked out suddenly with no recourse to see my files from my macbook, although I can still see files via Windows, this is causing me a major workflow problem as I often work remotely on my Macbook, then transfer library files to my Sharespace at home.

Drastic measures… Is there any way at all to upgrade the Firmware on my WD Sharespace to the latest WD firmware? I am familiar to a decent level with Linux so could be happy to try this maybe after I’ve upgraded already, I could do this as an experiment.

What would be the latest replacement WD product be?

Will a newer drive give me faster response times ref file access?
I’m a photographer and use the files on my Sharespace set up as (Raid 5) for my main library archive (further backed up to the cloud).

FInger’s crossed some of the good people at WD can help me here.

Thanking you,



You can consider our My Cloud Pro Series- WD MY CLOUD PR4100 NAS to to keep all your photos and media library organized in one spot.You could refer to the following link to know more: https://support-en.wd.com/app/products/product-detail/p/139

I, like you were a long time user of WD products and loved my WD sharespace. WD in their wisdom have not updated the firmware for this device with Catalina and I assume will not.
Rather than buying another WD device, I have used muCommander to get access to my sharespace. It is slow taking 7 mins for 1.5g transfer.

What worked for me was using AFP rather than SMB to connect to the Sharespace.