WD Sharespace "lost" after Firmware upgrade

My Sharespace is no more responding, no IP-adresse (neither by DHCP nor scanning with NMAP could help) assigned.

I restored my data manuelly under reassigend drives in Linux (openSuse). But teh device is “dead” (LEDs are flashing but no connection is possible over the network).

Is it possible to install the firmware of the drive “by hand” (out of the “wda4nc40000-02.03.02.img”-file)?

Which tools are needed (Linux ?)?

Where ist the WD Sharespace Firmware located a) in (flash-prom) or b) on (distributed over) the 4 raid5 drives?

Did some perform this before? No help from WD 2nd level support available.

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried resetting the unit?