WD Sharespace 'Bus error'

Hi there,

 I’ve some troubles with my WD. After the upgrading to 2.2.9 firmware a lost any control to adminstration interface (no http or WD Discovery). So, I directly connect disk to my PC and activated telnet. Now I can telnet to WD, but if i tried to start any of usefull services I get the following:

  ~ $ /etc/init.d/S55mini_httpd start
  Starting mini_httpd: Bus error

  ~ $ /etc/init.d/S50sshd start
  Starting sshd: Bus error

Can anyone help me?

Sorry for bad english ^)

This can happen when there is a mismatch in binary components that have dependencies such as a main program and a library. It sounds like the upgrade didn’t completely succeed and left some software in an unstable state.

httpd is the web server, so no surprise you don’t have web access.