WD ShareSpace 4TB Now An Expensive Paperweight?

My WD ShareSpace was in the process of recreating the RAID 5 format (Is that the correct term?) using WD Live when I accidentally closed my browser. Now it won’t power down unless I unplug it and when plugged in I get all all green except for the next one to the bottom and the power light at the top flashes green on and off. WD Live doesn’t recognize it at all. Obviously even to me something went wrong. How do I go about reformatting the drive and getting my network to see it?

Network drives can not be reformatted

any how… What where you doing with the WD Live ( do you mean live wire ) ?

Is the drive recognized by the computer ?

The raid rebuild can not be interrupted since it can damage the drives

Pardon me, it was WD Link. I don’t remember the exact terminology, but I had chosen the option to “return” the drive to its factory condition. The WD Link was hours into the process or formatting/converting the drive to RAID 5 when I inadvertently closed my browser which stopped the process short. WD Link no longer “sees” the drive and the power switch no longer works.  I guess I really do have a paperweight then. Thanks.