WD Setup Error Message

I just hooked up my new WD 3TB MyCloud to my ActionTec DSL Router and Windows 7 (64) computer.  Ran the WD setup program and got the follow major error message:

wd error.png

I’m going bald pulling out my hair trying to figure out what is causing this.  The drive shows in my network and all looks good though WD SmartWare asks for a user name/password to access MyCloud which doesn’t respond which I assume is related to the original error message.

Anybody have a clue of why I seem to be locked out?

What happens when you click on Continue?


See the User Manual for more information.



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cat0w (USA)

Hitting ‘Continue’ shows what appears to be a normal install, everything is visible, but just can’t access the MyCloud.  I think I’ve discovered the answer however.  It appears that Windows 7 does not recognize any storage drive larger than 2TB.  Unfortunately I’m also at a loss about partitioning a NAS drive since Windows 7 does not recognize/access it as a drive.

I have Windows 7 SP1 64bit and my My Cloud is 4TB and works fine.


Here is more information to look at in setting the My Cloud up.



View the tab My Cloud│How it Works.


My Cloud User Manual



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cat0w (USA)



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Okay, that’s nice to know that I won’t have to box up and return the unit and get a smaller drive, but it does put me back to the original error message.  That then points to my DSL Modem/Router as the probable culprit (?).

This is a reply to your original post. Keywords in that box are, There Seems To Be A Problem and We’ve detected that you may not be able to.


Have you contacted WD Support to see what they say?


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cat0w (USA)


Yes I’ve submitted a support request and waiting for a response.  Not willing/able to do it with a long phone call right now.

Hi, I encountered similar error message. I am connecting the MyCloud to an AZTECH DSL7002GRV (S) router. Please share the fix if the WD support team manage to fix your issue. Thanks!

I guess nobody has a clue about the problem I’m facing, including WD Support.  Today is the beginning of day 4 of waiting since a case file was opened. Now that I’ve commented about it perhaps will mean I get a response today. Of course I will post any progress.

Update: Contacted by WD Support but with no solution, just initial questions to set up for Remote Access it seems. Not encouraged but fingers crossed.  Too much money spent not to get resolved as quickly as possible.

Problem solved:  Second email from WD Support had me check the settings in the Network Adapter to do the following:

Right click adapter

Select properties

You are looking for 2 services. Both services should have a check.

   Client for Microsoft networks

   File and printer sharing

Guess what, the ‘Client for Microsoft networks’ was missing. Installed it, rebooted the computer, ran the setup program for the WDMyCloud and everything came on line.  No error message.  That’s all it took.

Hi mcnerd,

I’m glad you managed to fix your problem.

Unfortunately I have the same problem.

Your solution says to right click “adapter”.

Which adaptor are you referring to? “network adaptor” under the device manage?

Yes, in the Network Connections.  What you are looking for is “Client for Microsoft Windows” and click it on.