WD SES Driver causing BSOD on WinXP Professional 64bit SP2

Mid December last Year(2014) I bought a copy of
Windows XP Professional 64bit SP2 off of eBay
upgrading my PC from 32bit to 64bit.

My System Specs via CPUz report:
When using the USB 3.0 Speeder Utility to change both my

  • 1TB WD My Passport Ultra and
  • 32GB Sandisk Ultra Fit…

from normal mode to the turbo mode so I can make use of USB3.0’s full

my ultra fit(I only just got that in the mail Monday 02/09/2015) changes
ok and the WD MyPassport Ultra was ok some time before… changing to
Turbo mode…

HOWEVER! the “safely remove hardware” system tray icon is missing now
when its in turbo mode and no matter how many time I remove/insert it it
does not show up again…

if I switch it back to normal USB3.0 mode the Sandisk Ultra Fit, the
appears “safely remove hardware” system tray icon again and I can safely
click to safely eject it…

when I try to change my WD Passport Ultra to turbo or normal or its
been set to turbo for some time since I got the passport ultra back
July or August last year… since I bought this USB3.0 cards from Anker
via Amazon…


the SES driver for my WD passport ultra (wdcsam64.sys), BUT… the crash
also occurs when trying to change modes too…


these are the files  that was downloaded/installed from the Passport Ultra driver page

(ie up to date, :confounded:):

Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime
Portable Executable 64
Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 (DLL)
v1.9.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255)
digital signature OK
Tuesday, July 14, 2009 12:35:15 PM

WD SCSI Architecture Model (SAM) driver
v1.0.7.2 (INF file claims it is v1.0.0009)

so every time I try to just remove my WD passport Ultra by just unplugging it
Windows XP Pro 64bit SP2 BSODS every single time so the only way for me to
unplug it is to shutdown the PC and remove it then… =(

I had the Amazon USB3 cable come around the PC from 1 port and I would plug
the Sandisk Ultra Fit in another open port on the Anker USB3.0 PCIe cards…

There is a bug here some where,  whether a

  • VIA driver bug,
  • Western Digital  SES driver bug
  • or even in windows it self

but since M$ isn’t doing anything for XP anymore I can only hope that
VIA/Anker and or WD can get a fix out ASAP… because BSODs are too much trouble
to continue using this card… =(


my Passport Ultra will ALSO BSOD if I try to just unplug it form said USB 3.0 PCIe card
if its not ejected… but since the “safely remove hardware” system tray icon is missing I cannot do it

ok, I disabled the Western Digital’s SES driver which is used by my
WD Passport Ultra 1TB External HDD (USB 3.0)
the crashing stopped Whoo lol O_o.

btw even though its not crashing, with the WD SES driver disabled
the “Safely remove hardware”  system tray item is still not present
if any of the connected USB 3.0 device are in TURBO mode

I have a,
Anker® Uspeed USB 3.0 PCI-E Express Card
with 4 USB 3.0 Ports and 5V 4-Pin Power Connector for Desktops
[VL805 Chipset] <-- VIA

ps: I have also contacted Anker by email on this issue as well. =D



I copy and pasted my above bug report from a text file I had saved a copy to ;D

WD SUPPORT **bleep**… they closed my bug report after not even two days! and did nothing not even respinded to me!!

I am hoping I can at least open a real discussion here…

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Try to see if you can reinstall the drivers for the PCIe card and check if this fixes the issue , in order to safely remove the unit check if it is possible to right click on the drive and get the option.

hope this helps you out.

I have already done the reinstall before…
the devices work fine and can be ejected if set to normal mode
via the USB 3.0 Speeder Utility (VLIUASPCtrl.exe).

with SES Driver disabled,
I can successfully switch both of my USB3.0 devices to Turbo mode and they work fine, no crashes,
just no “safely remove hardware” system tray program
and there after even on a fresh boot the “safely remove hardware” will not show up in the system tray when attaching said Turbo’d USB 3.0 devices to said USB 3.0 card ports

another way for me to put it is that is probably a bug in the speeder app and/or the driver when it switches said devices from normal to turbo the tray icon for speeder app has a popup ejects and reattaches/mounts the said device displaying its drive letter, at the point of the ejection the “safely remove hardware” disappears…

  • 1TB WD My Passport Ultra and
  • 32GB Sandisk Ultra Fit…

“C:\Program Files\VIA XHCI UASP Utility\usb3Monitor.exe”
this program which loads with windows and installed with the drivers and speeder util…
is a VERY old MFC (M$ Foundation Classes, MSVC++6) app
and as such is 32bit I mentioned that to Anker as well and they were supposed to contact VIA to try and see if they would update it…


for one thing they closed my Support ticket without doing ANYTHING!! to resolve it… 

as this matter has yet to be resolved…
The only way around it has been to disble the SES Driver which prevents the BSODs…

ther other issue I will create a new forum topic for, SES Driver Downloads outdated ( Last Updated 04/16/2013 )!