WD Sentinel Remote Access World of Problems

I don’t know which category to put this in so if someone wants to move it I understand.

I will list all the problems that I am having here and hope I can overcome each one individually.

I NEED to have remote access for my Sentinel,

My model

( DX4000 )

if i connect to it directly by typing ip of server in a browser, when i hit connect i get the cert error. I cant download the cert because i cant connect to it that way.

I setup remote access but when i go to the website nothing there.

Not sure if this is of any help or not but are you able to Remote Desktop at all with this option set (see screenshot)? Since the DX4000 is headless I assume it must come configured with this option enabled in order to Remote Desktop to it. We have the Remote Web Access disabled and use Remote Desktop;

where is that menu, on my pc or my sentinel?

i have windows 10 and 7

The screenshot from Paul is on the server, but it is already enabled so you do not need to worry with that. From your client pc just click start, type mstsc and press enter
server is
user Administrator
Pass: whatever you set

Your pic with the cert is not matching because your url is which does not match “http://bhydro.remotewebaccess.com

inside your lan just use MSTSC and outside you can surf to bhydro

ok some progress, at local library using their wifi, login panel does come up!!

when i login i see my stuff for one second then it instant logs me out

Setthesite to compatibility mode, may Al’s want to add it to trusted sites