WD Sentinel - Media server

How is the media server in WD sentinel? Is it same as in WD mybook Duo?

From a home user perspective are there any issues using WD sentinel for media streaming to TV? I did not see the iTunes server but want to know if streaming with DLNA has good support for various file formats (iso, mp4, mkv, DIVX etc…)

Anyone using WD Sentinel for home media storage and DLNA/UpNP server?

It will not do mkv files but the Serviio Media Server from Codeplex can be installed on it


Am going to test Servio now

Can MediaBrowser ( www.mediabrowser.tv) be installed and run from this system?

The link you posted says it is for win 7 medi center, so the answer is no

I can’t get Serviio installed.  

I downloaded WHS v1 (v0.6.1). Placed the downloaded MSI file in my Sentinel’s Software/Add-Ins shared folder.  Double clicked and I get the error message “Serviio Media Server for Windows Home Server requires Windows Home Server.”  

Has anyone actually installed this on the Sentinel.  If so, can you please give a detailed description of the install process?


Ohhhkay? So are you saying the version made specifically for WHS 2011 works for WSS 2008 Essentials R2?

Thanks for the cut and paste, but a little info please.

Yes. 90% of the addins for WHS2011 will work on WSS.

WHS2011, Small Business Server 208 R2 Essentials and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials are part of the same group, so the addins are mostly interchangeable.