WD Sentinel DX4000 as web application


i have plan to use the WD dx4000 to an internal host web application so employers can access the web application to downloads or copy the files and store the data  via web pages .  all the data and files will be store o the wd storage. 

my question is did anyone try before? 

any recommandtions ?

It can be done if you know what you are doing.  If not you can break things.

The DX has some preconfigured websites using ports 80 and 443. So you can either use an alternate port like 8080, or do a subsite  http://servername/yoursite or use host headers

Hi its very easy and possible on two ways,
first you can use remote web access, you can create users and link them to folders you won’t with read, write or both access. the access you can setup, can be done by a wizard from the dashboard.

on the home screen you find: server settings, a new pop-up will be show, from there you can start. with remote web access.

You could also setup a website with IIS, and a cms like joomla, wordpress, …etc. You need also a fix ip or a dns server.