WD Sentinel backing 1 user up to wrong drive

I am connecting a user to the sentinel using the Connector. It installs fine but when i try to start a backup it fails and the error message is that there is not enough room on the drive. It is trying to back up to the C partion with the OS instead of the D:partion with the server folders. Is there anyway to force it to the D drive? I have other users and they backup to the correct folder on the D drive. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the connector on this client mulltiple times with the same result.


Client backups do go the the client backups folder under server folders on the D: drive  I don’t think I have ever seen a not enough room error even if there was not enough room.

are you sure that is the error ?  Screenshot of what is going on ?

Are you sure the new client is not a uEFI system and you do not have the hotfix?  Look in diskmgmt.msc on the client and see if there is an efi partition

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Thank you for the reply, This has been very frustrating. Here is a screen shot of the error I will check to see if the drive is efi. It is a new SSD drive that was cloned and inserted in the pc.

Again thanks for replying. I will check the drive.


What this says is there is not enough free space on your local PC to take a snapshot.  It will be one of the small/hidden partitions.

For now, go to the dashboard, computers, and right click this one.  Modify the backup.  Uncheck RETools/Bare Metal whatever and just backup C:  You can do a backup now and see what happens.

To be honest this one is kinda hard to get past.  I am surprised the clone caused it.  But if the original small partition was say 350mb and it made it 300mb that would cause it

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You nailed it!!

Thank you so much!

Thanks for following up with the outcome and the Kudos

So if only C: is backing up it makes it hard to do a bare metal restore.  All your data is there it will just not be bootable.  You will just have to look at your old drive VS your new drive and see if you see a difference.  Perhaps you could reclone and make them larger or use a 3rd party disc tool to resize them.  The built in windows will not because there is no adjacent free space.  Or just don’t worry with it and let it be.

Hope you have a great weekend.