WD Security Not Recognizing New My Book 6tb Drive

I’m running Windows 10 and version1.4.0.92 of WD Security on my desktop and laptop computers. WD Security doesn’t recognize the new 6tb My Book Desktop Storage drive on either computer but the drive is listed in the Windows Disk Management section. I can access the drive and folders but I can’t lock the drive. I have two other older My Book drives attached and they are recognized the WD Security. It appears to me that there is a problem with in software and if that’s the case, I hope that there is a software patch coming soon.
I have seen this exact problem mentioned anywhere else but its hard to believe that I’m the only one having this problem.
If anyone has a solution to this problem - any information will be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.


Does your new My Book look like this?

Yes, that is the model that I have.

I meant to say “I have not seen this exact problem mentioned anywhere else.”

I am having the exact same problem with my 8 TB My Book. Why won’t WD Security recognize this drive?

It is my opinion that these drives are of a new generation and someone dropped the ball on making sure the new product and software checked out correctly. This is a big disappointment for anyone buying the drive with security being a priority. If I am correct, it should have never happened and I hope a update fix is on the way. I want to trust WD.

I agree. I purchased this drive expressly for use with WD Security.

I hope a WD representative provides an update here soon about whether there will be a software patch to resolve this problem.

I’ve been in contact and working with support. I’ll pass on any useful information.


I’m unable to duplicate this issue using 4 TB, 6 TB or 8 TB (screen shot of locked 8 TB attached) on a very old Windows 7
PC. My Book 8TB is direct attached to USB port. Other My Passports are attached to direct USB ports and USB non powered hub.

I worked with support this evening and it was decided that I should send the drive back to them and they would send me another one, or return it to where it was purchased. Anyway, I will check with Amazon and then decide if I will return the drive to them or get a RMA from WD.
Please note that support was most courteous and patient.

I can still return mine to Best Buy by 4/7/17. Should I do that, and then buy and try another one? Or should I send the one I have back to WD and have WD send me a new one that will work with WD Security?

Which is the best option here?

Amazon is going to replace mine, as recommended by WD support, and I’ll see how it goes from there.

I received my replacement drive and the security software and drive utilities now recognizes the drive. All appears to the good at this time.

I am having the same issue. I am unable to access this WD on my Mac and Windows.
i try to update the firmware but its asking me to unlock the HDD but i never add a password to begin with.
What do i do?