WD Security knows my pass, but I don't :(

Hello, WD Security (WD My Passport) on my computer remember my password (automatically unlock), but i don’t. Can WD Security show me pass somewhe? Without pass i do nothing - can’t remove, cant change, nothing :frowning:

Hey @wildchild1,

Since you would already know if one forgets the password of a encrypted drive, Al the data is gone. Luckily in your case, your primary system was authorized to unlock the drive automatically. The best you can do :

  • Backup all the data either to your computer or to any other location.
  • Download WD Drive utilities from the WD support website
  • Using the Drive Erase option reformat the drive
    (Reformat will remove the encryption)
  • transfer the data back to your drive and you are good to go