WD Security doesn't recognize WD Passport 4 TB as valid drive


i already have a WD My Passport Ultra 2 TB, where WD Security runs without problems.

Now I needed more space and that’s why I bought a WD Passport 4 TB yesterday in addition and updated the software (Utilities, Backup and the Security software).
Unfortunately neither the Utility-Program nor the Security-Program accepts the WD Passport 4 TB as a valid drive.

Is there already a solution or does anybody has an idea for this problem?? I am using Windows 10 …

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Are you able to use the drive without problems?
Have you tried formatting the drive on Windows 10?

the drive runs without problems on windows. I just plug it in and I can use it. I didn’t format it, it’s just like it was when I bought it …

I fixed the problem!!

The reason was the missing SES-Driver on the 4TB-Drive.
I downloaded it from the download page and installed it manually (the installation guide says, it will be installed automatically while running the installation routine, but it doesn’t).
Then I rebooted the system (shut down, remove the power, wait for app. 20 seconds and restart the system) and now everything is just fine.

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