WD SE drives for desktop?

These new drives are designed for data centers it appears but why not put them in a raid1 array and use them for the desktop?

They are enterprise class so they should be more reliable then the RED’s which seem to still have issues, yet they are priced around $50 less then the RE line for the same capacity yet have the same features.

I have yet to see any reviews for these new drives

heres a review i found:


notably, they perform not just as good as RE drives, but that should be unnoticeable for desktop use.

On the other hand, their MTBF (mean time between failures) for RE is 1 400 000 hours, while SE are “only” rated at 800 000 hours.

since the warranty for SE and RE are all 5 years, id say go with SE :slight_smile:

I just seen and read this review. The RE is better but also $50 more each and for mass storage on a desktop total overkill.

I look for quality, a 5 year warranty is nice but I do not want to be forced to send it in.

MTBF is actually quite a joke, drives are lucky if they can reach 80K hours without the media decaying or the heads getting worn out.

The SE is between the reds and the RE it would appear but one MAJOR issue I have read is they do not have your standard SATA connector, the two holes for curent III spec with the locking clasp is not present.

These drives are designed for backplanes.

I have a 4 port backplane on my Lian-Li case so this is not an issue or if you were to put one of these in any external case.

Still would have been nice to see the ability to use locking cables on these drives as a choice.

… one MAJOR issue I have read is they do not have your standard SATA connector…

WD SE has a standard SATA connector. I installed this HDD in my home computer and had no problems.