Wd scorpio Blue wd1600BEVT

Dear WD people.

I have a wd1600BEVT om mij Acer Extensa 5235.

I have my Acer buy new at Dec. 2010

Yesterday say my hdd om the bios Fixed disk.

I have it started with the boot cd of acer and found not the HDD.

Have i warranty on my HDD?

Please help me…

Hi if the hard drive came with the laptop you have one year warranty from Acer. Sorry but since it is a oem branded drive WD does not do the warranty. 

Thanks for the comment. 

I’ll write to acer how it can be solved.

Hi as I mentioned your laptop was under one year warranty that includes all parts so Acer really wont do anything. The main thing you need to make sure of is that you have written your recovery dvd’s as you will need those when you change the drive. There would be a Acer program to write the recovery dvd’s on the laptop.

Hi I have the recovery CD, but at the start he did not recognize the wd160The CDs he recognizes he wants to install the windows but it gives an error in the boot sector of the hdd.Year of hdd 2009 Scorpio Blue

And I is something wrong with the information (which is maximum GB HDD) Acer Extensa 5235 can handle.
thanks all