WD Scorpio Blue WD10JPVT 1TB is no longer working properly

I recently bought a WD Scorpio Blue 1TB internal laptop hard drive. (And by recent I mean last Thursday). I placed the drive in my ASUS laptop straight away to avoid damage, and installed Windows 7 a short time later. It worked for a few hours, and then the drive no longer allowed me to boot from it. I’ve reformatted the drive, using a low-level format and the drive is still acting up. More often than not, the laptop will not detect the drive. I can install Windows on it but it always blusecreens. When removing the drive from the laptop and using a sata to usb adaptor, the drive is detected by my other laptop from within Windows, and yet I can’t use it as a bootable drive. Is there any way to fix this issue? I don’t like spending $138 NZD on a Hard Drive I can’t use.
Oh, the drive is an Advanced Format Drive, if that helps.

EDIT: A friend has said that WD Hard Drives are incompatible with ASUS laptops. Is this a possibility?
I had it it working for a while so I think the chances of incompatibility are slim. But I thought I would ask anyway.


As a recommendation, check with your computer manufacturer to see if the drive is supported by your computer. If it’s, try testing the unit with DLG DOS version.

Check the link below for additional information.