WD Scorpio Black running win32 drivers on a win 64 system

I built a new computer to be used as a home entertainment system.  I used an Asus E45m1-I mobo, 8 GB of memory and a WD Scorpio Black HD, model WD5000BPKT.  I installed Win 7 Ult. 64 bit, and everything seemed to be going along great, until I downloaded about 8 GB of mpe music from a thumbdrive.  What only took about a half hour to load theos songs from my old 2002 built computer to the thumb drive, took about 3 hours to load to the new WD hard drive in the new computer.  I started checking devices to see what the problem could be and I found the HD was set running with win 32 bit drivers.  I tried changing it to 64 bit, but none could be found on the Win 7 CD. Everthing else is set correctly with 64 bit drivers.  I haven’t had any luck finding anything about this on line.  It seems if you enter 64 b and mention 32 bit in a search all you get are sites/forums comparing the differences, between the 2 operating systems.  This is the first time I’ve used Win 7 and my othr 2 home built computers run Win XP 32 bit.  Everything else appears to be OK and it has no problem playing music on the HD.

Anybody have an idea why it’s using 32 bit drivers on the HD, when the Win 7 CD is for a 64 bit?

The drivers should not be the problem in this case. Check if using another USB port helps. You can also use DLG to run a test. 


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