WD says drive is not locked but I can't get into data in iMovie because it says it's locked

When I try to open my imovie files that I’m working on, it shows a triangle with an exclamation point inside - I’m assuming that’s the “locked” symbol because I can’t open it.  When I click on Drive Unlock, it says “This drive is not locked.  To unlock a different WD drive, please open the WD SmartWare CD associated with the desired drive, and then run the Unlock application to unlock the drive.”

I’ve tried closing down the computer and opening it several times.  Once out of the last 10 times, it actually unlocked it for me and I was able to work on it but now it’s doing the same thing.  Any suggestions?

Does the problem only happens with iMovie files?

Check if other files exhibit the same issue

does not luck like a security issue… Sounds more like a file issue

The only two active tabs are Home and Update. Back up and Retrieve tabs are not active.

Software does not open automatically when connecting device  to usb port.

Any ideas on how to unlock device? Thanks.