WD Remote Update to Update View

Hi I’m using the WD Remote app on my iphone and its handy having it. The functionality that would improve it greatly would be to be able to browse the WD TV Live on the phone, this wouldn’t have to be the same view as on the TV, even a folder structure would be great. Although if you could have the same view this would make a **bleep** of a product.

Friends have expressed interest in the device but one limitation is that you cannot browse the music for example with the TV off. I like using this for movies etc, but being able to have the TV off and control everything from a smartphone would be great, at the moment to play music I want to stream from another room to my stereo, I have to turn the tv on and get it going… and either leave the tv on… or turn it on again each time I want to make a change.


I second this request. I have an old wd tv mini and would buy a new wd tv streaming to connect to my network if the WD Remote app allowed a folder system view of my files so that I can select music while outside listening to my outside speakers where I have my wifi signal.

This seems to be a common theme here and among several friends, many of whom are trying to figure out ways to control their systems through their ipod.  No one seems to have a good solution.  First to market with a good solution may do well!

I have several WD products and simply want to be able to start them and stop them remotely.  The more control from an i-device, the better.  It would be great to stream from a device, too, but the absolute most important feature is to be able to use WDLive-type features from an i-device.

I also would like a file browser option. Having the WDTV plugged into the home cinema system means I often want to listen to music without the fuss and faff of going through the TV interface.

Super idea - lets have that!!! We also have a mediaserver and would like to be able to play music or radio witout turning on the TV, just using our ipad.

I agreed …

An App that enables start of all music and radio players on the WD TVs without having to turn on the TV like Squeezebox App.

It could also just be available if you open the browser or smartphone or tablet and key WD TV IP address like TViX - it doesn’t have to be an APP as long as you can see the music(stored and preferable streaming like spotify) and radio channels (Tune In).

Same here - I did a lot of research before deciding which streamer to buy.  I went with the WD for lots of reasons but part of my decision was based on assuming that the media app and/or remote app would actually be able to utilize the WD’s robust funcdtionality.  As it is, you have an excellent product with an extremely disappointing and limiting app.  Still hoping to use this instead of swtiching products - would be great to see an update that allows the apps to actually access and browse everything!