WD Red very slow. Why?


I’m running new WD Red 3TB (Drive Model: WDC WD30EFRX-68EUZN0) attached to Motherboard Model: ASRock Q1900DC-ITX under Windows 7 x64 as a full ~3TB GPT partition.

Firstly, attaching this HDD, even cleaned and unformated, slows down Windows boot process significantly (system is on Intel SSD).

Secondly, after establishing a partition, when I start moving data to the drive, the first ~ 500MB are copied at normal rate and then the drive nearly stops working and the moving proces is almost halted and goes forever.

Here is output of winsat test

winsat disk -drive d.PNG

I’m now runing HD Tune read test and I do not presume the results would be much better.

Can this be caused by some setup problem or is this clear evidence of drive failure?

hello and welcome to the WD community.

I recommend running diagnostics on this drives to make sure that the drive might be failing, you can try to use this software to test the unit for errors:


Ok, so I started extended test 3 days ago and now I’ve found it will last for 11171 hours. Here’s a screenshot.

so this test just confirm that the drive is really slow. I’ll try quick test and hope it’ll finish in some reasonable timespan.

Did you find a solution for this problem?

I have a similar issue on a 1TB WD drive . . .ANY access including the “Quick Test” is very very slow.

I am going to bump on this post as I have exactly the same problem.
Consistant data-transfer of about 3.3 Mb sec.
and also 1000+ hours for a diagnostic.
Extended SMART check ran without errors though.


I wasn’t able to find any software issue so I went to WD warranty service portal, I’ve registered myself and my unit, filled in a RMA (Return Material Authorization), and send my unit into nearest service center. WD has replaced my unit with new one which now operates normaly.

ack … all points to defective drive then … Thanks for reply tho :slight_smile: