Wd red nas 4tb not working under OS X

I cant reformat it to 4tb Will Only give 2tb. (1.8)
Neither with win 8.1
But Works with win 10 disk manager ?..

Use externa disk bay, That works fine with many
Diffrent computers and OS.

Anyone had the same experience…

Yes, had the same exact issue with 4 different new 4TB RED drives which all had to be sent back. Tried them internally and in drive docks but could not get them to show / partition above 1.8TB in Disk Utility. They were fine in Win 7 pro but that was useless to us. We had used the same drives in a commercial environment (video prod) for many years without issue until now. It could be a bad batch with a controller / driver problem. Contacted WD support but they were no help and suppliers will not take responsibility as they will not test the drives on Macs or accept responsibility for something they see as a compatibility issue. Unless WD can solve this, we will have no choice but to move over to Seagate.

Need to be exfat format//