WD RED diagnostic tool for possible issues


I’ve setup a OMV setup with a couple of WD 3TB ordered and arrived 2 week ago using Amazon.

I used the 2 disk for creating a synple RAID 1 array.  but after few day  they started resynch.

Now I’m looking for diagnostic and full test tool (for unix) to be sure that the HDs are 100% ok and if possible also test SATA cable.

is there any tools i can run on my linux machine ?

have you suggestion ?

thank you


Hi FreCurring. I’m sorry but we don’t have any tools for Linux since it is an OS that WD doesn’t really support. Depending on your OS version you can use ‘fsck’ to test the file system on the drives and ‘smartctl’ to check the SMART status on the drives.

Another option would be to remove the drives from the system and using the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics software to test the drive on another machine. There is a DOS version of the software but it most likely won’t be able to read or properly identify the drives through a RAID controller. Just be careful removing drives from a RAID array since it may cause the RAID to degrade and have to rebuild.

DLG for Windows