WD RED 8TB - I've become hardware dumb

I don’t know where to begin. So I finally was able to save up enough to purchase a newer computer. Everything is going great but it’s not recognizing the wd red 8tb drive.

I am hardware stupid and it’s been 11 years since I’ve built a computer. It’s recognizing my old drives but the red wd won’t show up, even under the device manager. I’m still trying to work this out. Here’s the thing… I bought the drive brand new probably back in December of 2018. I understand it would still be under warranty but for the life of me, I can’t figure out where i bought it from. I think it was from NCIX which went bankrupt. I have scoured my credit card receipts and can’t find the purchase. I have a photo of it in the bag with the serial number etc but I don’t know what to do if this becomes a hardware/warranty issue. I’m trying to think 10 steps a head but it’s hurting my brain.

New system is windows 10. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions? Also, if it becomes a warranty issue, am I screwed because the place I’m pretty sure I got them from went bankrupt?

:pensive: I’m a sad panda

Ps: I’m at the point where I took out the other drives to see if it would recognize it. Still no. This drive will just be used for backup if I can ever get it working.

I don’t know why you would use a WD Red in a PC when it’s made for a NAS but it will work. Have you connected it and then opened Disk Management and been prompted to initialize the drive? If you have a USB adapter you could do it a little quicker.

Might be you could use WD for the warranty. You can check that HERE

Good luck and Happy New Year!

I was just going to transfer all my movies and music over to it. I have other drives that run programs and games.

It won’t show up under the disk management section, hence problem 1.

When it’s connected can you hear it spin up or put a hand on it and feel it running?

Did you click the link to run it through WD’s warranty check?

I have kind of the same problem. The only software that shows the hard drive is my Intel ® Rapid Storage Technology.
For some reason I can click unlock there, but then I’m asked for a password I’ve never created. I mean the hard drives (I’ve bought four of them) were in a Moisture Barrier Bag packaging.

So in that case, if there is any default password for the Western Digital RED 8TB (WD80EFAX-68KNBN0) I’d be happy to know and where to find it. :sweat_smile:

Dialog of Intel ® Rapid Storage Technology

Dialog of Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management