WD Red 4TB LLC Problem?

Hello. Please can WD confirm to me that the High LLC count problems have now been fixed. Looking to buy but not if this issues still exists or has not been fixed properly.

Also if it has been fixed how long ago? As there still could be duff drive seeping though from suppliers stock…

BTW: I did chuckle when Western Digital just give me an illuminati style default avatar for there forum LOL :laughing:


Colin Smith

Any WD representatives about,       that can offer an answer ?? Or is this problem still a touchy subject ?


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support:



Thank you for your reply Hamlet…

I Did. That was the first thing i did do.

The guy on the phone told me to try on here. He said that some of the technical guys from WD would pick up the thread as he didnt know the answer.

Not being funny but I have not had a very good experience with WD tech support as they are unable to answer technical questions especially when this problem is very well documented all over the internet about these perticular drives.

I will be forced to buy seagate if I dont get some answers…  I buy £xxxx’s per year on drives too… and I cannot buy drives that have problems or are not very well supported. From reading other posts it seems that WD either refuse to acknowledge the problem exists which does not fill me with confidence.

Here is a google search on the subject