WD Recycle Bin files are corrupted

Posting here because I opened an actual case 2 days ago and I have nothing but crickets from WD.

Using firmware 2.10.310 with a single volume and single share. I had lots of folders and pictures on the share and all was working just fine till last week. Somehow, all JPG files were deleted out of every single directory on the drive. After initial panic, I saw that the WD Recycle Bin was turned on, so I went to the drive and low and behold, there was a folder called “Recycle Bin - Volume 1”. I open it and I see all my folders and more importantly all my missing pictures. I look around at various folders, and the file sizes look good but EVERY file I try to view I get an error saying it “can’t open” or “wrong type” or something else. It appears that EVERY single file in the WD Recycle Bin is corrupted. What gives? I tried copying several files to a different folder and even to a different PC, but nothing works. The files look right, but won’t open. If I vie the properties/details of the files, I see nothing under the general information (author, date taken, resolution, etc.) but I do see information under the “File” area (name, type, path and creation date) So, here I thought I was saved by the WD Recycle Bin, but it appears EVERYTHING in the bin is corrupted. I need help…

That’s an odd issue, certainly.

It’s important to understand that the Recycle Bin function is “owned” by the SAMBA process, which is what offers shares to Windows-like clients.

If someone deletes a file via a network share, the Samba process simply MOVES the file from one folder to another – it doesn’t modify the file in any way.

This is a Wild A** Guess, but it appears that something (malware, perhaps?) on your network modified the files, then deleted them.

You know Tony, I was looking at this last night and I came to that same thought, it might have been some malware/crypto-whatever that hit this drive. This actually belongs to a friend, and they did have a bunch of family over for the recent holidays and had several laptops hooked into their home wireless. Looking at this My Cloud unit, there was no security/permissions at all on the share, just open for anyone on the network. Seeing how it affected the pictures and no recovery software works, I can picture the scenario now. Grandchild1 hooks their laptop up to the network and discovers the My Cloud and makes an initial connection, eventually navigates to a malicious site and gets hit with some nasty malware/crypto-whatever. Sees the ransom message and freaks…runs a virus scan or something similar and just deletes anything that is reported back. The timing of the deletion fits, and then the addition of other picture files after the holiday which are just fine. Going to do some more investigating but I’m betting this is a very likely scenario…fortunately for my friend, they do have another copy from when they initially setup this device. Guess we will re-initialize the unit and I’ll show them how to set permissions.

I have a similar problem. A ransomware did attack the user computer and because the folder was mapped to the computer all of the files got encrypted. When I look at the recycle bin all the files are there however they now they have 0 KB.

I am going to try some data recovery software to see if I can recover some of the files. Did anyone faced a similar issue and was able to recover any of the files?

Thank you.