WD Raptor RMA ready?

I try to hold it short.

It all started ~1 month ago when Windows 7 started to do Checkdisks on its own every 4-5 bootup of windows.
Every time Windows found a lot of errors, but all of them were repairable, so I did not really care.
Then 1 week ago Windows started to do these Checkdisks every bootup, and programs(Steam for example) sometimes were not able to read files where I had to do manual Checkdisks in order to “fix” those reading errors.

Then I started to check SMART and there were a lot of pending sectors(70 at that time).
WD DLGDIAG is failing its Quick Test after only some seconds with: "Status Code = 07 (Failed read test element), Failure Checkpoint = 97, SMART self test did not complete on drive 1! "

Since then the amount of pending sectors has increased to 76 and one partition is not accessible anymore by Windows. But since iam quite an unsure person especially with things I am new to, I just want to know if this is already a case for a RMA (I guess so).

Thanks for your time.


I recommend you contact WD support and get this drive replaced.