WD Quick View Version query

Although the WD support pages list the current version of WD Quick View software as v2.4.10.17:

 [WD Quick View for Windows](http://downloads.wdc.com/nas/WD_Quick_View_Setup_for_Windows.zip)
     File Size: 4.13 MB
     Version: v2.4.10.17
     Release Date: 2/26/2015

When I pull up the “About WD Quick View” screen, it says Version 2.4.16 WD Quick View and WD Drive Service What is the correct version and has there been a recent change? It’s confusing to have the software download area for my WD MyCloud EX2 be out of sync with what I’ve got installed.

Hi Hollang,

You can download supported software or tools for WD My Cloud EX2 device from below link: