WD Quick View stopped working

I’ve had the item two days, and now the only option in QV is ‘about’.

I suspect this may be my error - during setup, I did something (genuinely can’t recall what) which removed it from the menu bar. So, I dragged the version from the public/software directory into my applications folder (Mac). It’s been working fine since then, untill now.

And, if I open that version in the public/software directory, it adds a properly-functioning item to my menu bar.

What’s the cause, and fix? Please, thanks, etc.

UPDATE: Having remembered it’s a prefpane, I notice that it’s reverted to ‘stop and remove from login’ rather than ‘start and open on login’. So resetting returns a working icon to the menubar.

So, is it just buggy?

Difficult to know, you might also try just to uninstall Quickview and reinstall it.


Yours is a sensible suggestion - and one I’d do if I hadn’t already had enough other issues with the unit… following which I’m returning it.