WD Quick Drive Format reports - Please connect a WD external drive to continue

I have a GoFlex Desk External Drive.  USB 2.0/3.0  3 TB.  Product number 9ZQAY9-571

Windows 7 Backups software failed with errors.

The errors indicated that it cannot handle these new drives.  I found steps to delete the volume and recreate it.  I deleted the 3TB volume but then Win7 default to the 2TB volume and will not let me recreate it as a 3TB volume.  

I used the Seagate Dashboard, it found the drive but it has no options to reclaim the entire 3TB.

I started up WD Quick Drive Format but it reports the error “Please connect a WD external drive to continue.”

i rebooted but that does not help.

Anyway, I simply want to reclaim the entire 3TB drive.  How do I do that?

You need to use the GPT partition style to access the 3TBs. Check the link below for some steps.


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