WD Purple 2TB storage causing very slow boot times

New build for video surveillance. Asrock h97m anniversary, i5 4690k, Samsung 850 Pro 128GB SSD (boot), WD Purple 2TB HDD (storage). Installed windows, everything went fine. First boot and it hung on the Windows splash screen for about 10 minutes. Disconnected the Purple and boot took about 7 seconds. Made sure boot order was correct in bios, which it was. Reconnected Purple, about 3 to 4 minutes on Windows splash screen before boot. Ran Windows chkdsk and the Western Digital LifeGuard utilities…chkdsk found one bad cluster which I think it fixed, LifeGuard said everything was ok. Any ideas?

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Have you tried changing SATA ports or device behavior type (AHCI/Legacy) for this device in your BIOS?

Tried different SATA ports, tried different SATA cables, will try switching to legacy if that is possible. Is one preferred? Also, writing anything to the drive takes forever. For example, as a test, I did a simple word doc and went to save it to the Purple and it took several seconds. The surveillance software won’t even save video to the drive. I am running the LifeGuard extended test on the drive now and will report back tomorrow. Thankyou

Ran the LifeGuard Diagnostic extended test and it failed and said “Error Code 08 - Unable to repair bad sectors” so guess I will be sending it back. Thanks for the help.