Wd pr2100 adding media

Hi I’m new to the pr2100. My question is can I add a Disk that already has media on it? or do I have to add a disk, setup raid (jbod) and then transfer files from the disk with data to it? Then insert that disk and add it to the raid or format it?

The fastest/best way to populate the NAS is to copy files from computer (or from a drive connected to PC’s USB port, and copy to NAS via Win File Explorer as you would from drive to drive. It is that easy.

So can I plug it in directly to nas USB port? I’m on a Mac.

AFAIK, disks (in the HD bays) are wiped before you can use them.
The PR2100 repartitions the disk with recovery partitions and main partition.

To bypass this limitation, mount the disk with SSH and transfer the data before the wipe. Don’t forget to unmount.
Then add the disk with the GUI.