WD Portable wiped out of capacity durig HP System Recovery

Just loaded HP System Recovery for new HP Envy laptop on WD Portable Drive with about 100GB capacity.
I had to allow HP to format it prior to installing or copying System Recovery on it.
Then it appeared strange in My PC and wouldn’t show the 100 GB or anything close. Read about 32 GB capacity. Called HP…BIG HELP there, NOT!
Decided with technician to format WD Drive and try again to create System Recovery on a DVD later so I could continue to use my WD external drive for PC backups as usual.
Now when inserted it shows this WD Portable has NO capacity at all!
Can anyone help me restore this device?


Try formatting the drive.

How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows and Mac OSX

I had reformatted the drive at HP’s advice and that’s when and I found out there was no capacity left,
Fortunately I called Western Digital and lo and behold they helped me through it and it is now running at full capacity thank you WD
Best customer support I have experienced at WD

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