WD please provide Plex server updates to My Cloud Home devices ASAP

Plex users on My Cloud Home are facing constant issues with My Cloud Home devices.
WD is reluctant to provide any updates to My Cloud Home devices be it for Plex or My Cloud Home itself.
I contacted WD for this and they say that :
"Please be informed that Plex is a third-party application and I request you to contact Plex community forum for any issue relate to the update"

So, I contacted Plex Forum and I was redirected to this link:

Plex for My Cloud Home

It says that:
"new Plex Media Server updates will be delivered by Western Digital in the control panel of the My Cloud Home"

What am I supposed to do?

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The Plex version included with My Cloud Home is the version that is tested to work with the device. We have notified the proper groups of your concern regarding the version of Plex available on My Cloud Home.

Any resolution or fix would be delivered in the form of a future device, mobile app, software or firmware update.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a schedule as to when a release will occur or if a resolution or fix, will or will not be included in a specific release version.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

i have the same issue as StillCoast my plex stop working on all android app and android TV.