WD Photos


Anyone have any idea how to contact someone at WD that can add a feature to the iOS app?

In addtion to Email Photo, Assign to Contact, Add to Camera Roll, Upload to Facebook, and Slideshow Settings. I was hoping they could add Message Photo also via mms/iMessage.

I think it would be nice have a one step option to message out a picture insead of having to save it to the camera roll, opening the photo roll, and then sending via the phones software.

Anyone agree?


There’s a software development ideas section in here, if you get enough votes WD will sure look at it as something most users want.


Yes, keep those ideas coming (and posting where The Pizza Matrix recommended). Of course we can’t make any promises, but we do read the forums and prioritize based on the need and what we can do. We are pleased to get your feedback - as developers it makes us feel great that you use the products we create and are taking the time to help us improve it!

(Raj Batra - Director of Engineering, Mobile Group at WD)